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Our Mission

Creating interest in tomorrow's technology and providing opportunities to indulge and to learn.

Our History

As parents, we strive to provide what is best for our kids in our own way. And with technology surrounding our lives more and more everyday, we wanted to provide the opportunity for our kids to get involved in understanding it.

LEGO® Mindstorms provided a way for us to do exactly this, our kids got involved and were learning to build their own robots. They were able to build using instructions, and then program the robots to do tasks specific to the robots they had created via the instructions provided by LEGO®.

Our kids had fun building various models and modifying them to do tasks that were not possible with the original build. Their interest was further kindled when we formed a team to compete in the FIRST LEGO League. FLL (First Lego League) is an international competition league organized by USFirst. And USFirst is a non-profit organization formed to increase STEM focus amongst kids. FLL competitions provide annual themes for robotic challenges. And our kids have participated in the past 2 competitions, gaining invaluable knowledge with regards to robotics and other aspects.

With each year, we have had new team members join our team, and we started a "robotic class" to help them understand the concept and to be able to create their own robots based on their ideas. This required us to come up with a class curriculum that was best suited for their level of understanding. We were successful in providing them with the skills and encouraging them to explore.

Our Endeavors

We are focused on providing opportunities to kids in developing their creativity in the field of robotics. Our current projects include kids working on creating attachments to a base, which are interchangeable. The kids are learning to build different mechanical elements with a common "mechanical interface" which allow them to attach/detach from a "base module".

We are also looking into immersing the kids into more advance robotics which use Tetrix / Matrix based construction and involve Java programming to control these robots. This is in part because of the kids interest in FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC), which is the next level competition league organized by USFirst.

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